Ningxia Red

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+ Antioxidants:
These nutrients have neutralizing compounds to help nullify free radicals. Your body is intelligent, created to counter- balance the effects of an increase in free radical production during exercise.
Antioxidants encompass a wide range of muscle enzymes and nutrients that “quench” free radicals. They work by chemically stabilizing the free radicals, effectively stopping their destructive course.
Regular physical activity also promotes an increase in antioxidant enzyme production in the body. Training and improving your fitness enhances antioxidant enzyme production. They key to fighting off the free radicals during exercise is to exercise regularly and often to boost those antioxidants.

+ Macro Nutrients
(Super Food)
Whole food based supplement that focuses the entirety of nutrition to supplement the body and delivers mass amounts of nutrients for its course nutrition.

+ Liquid Based Supplement
The benefits of having a liquid supplement are the absorption of nutrients because the digestive system may not be at top function level and lower than it should be. The body doesn’t have to break down a liquid supplement like Ningxia Red, which enables the body to utilize the supplement quicker. This is also easier on the gut while increasing the delivery system of the body.

+ 18 amino acids
+ 21 essential minerals
+ 16% protein by volume