Essential Oils 101

6 - What is an EO and How Does it Work
8 - Frequency of the Oils
Have you ever tried to consume enough of a super food or supplement hoping for great benefits to your overall wellness? Essential Oils cam be up to 10,000 more concentrated than their herbal and whole food counterparts.

Pure Essential oils can be used 3 ways

7- Practical Application

How can you know if an oil is truly pure?

In the United States, a product must only be 5% pure in order for the label to read “100% pure”. The only way we can know if our products are pure is transparency. Young Living is the only company on the planet to offer that through our Seed to Seal guarantee. More on this can be found at

11- Seed to Seal

What are some ways the oils in the Premium Starter Kit can be used in your everyday lifestyle?

When you order a Premium Starter Kit, it includes your membership. No additional fees. There are also NO monthly requirements, though we do offer a completely optional amazing monthly rewards program similar to a Kroger Plus Card. It offers free product and money back on purchases.

The Premium Starter Kit with Essential Oils includes:

And there are a few extra goodies in the box so you can experience more of YL to find what you love.

Additionally, when you order a Premium Starter Kit with me, you instantly gain access to our private online community, Blissfully Oily where over 1100 families are gathered to help one another with great questions/answers, recipes, uses, etc.


“The longer one waits to make a good decision, the less likely it become that they will ever make it at all.”

You are worth taking care of, to me. 

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