pf-110faae3-69a5-4a2e-99cb-f267ec72f288--CBDOilsLabelGuideGraphicWe entered the wonderful world of CBD in 2018. Our history of success with natural modalities for our health lead us here when we saw some things going on with our son that told us that his brain and his central nervous system needed more attention than they were getting.

I had considered CBD before for our daughter for it’s benefits to homeostasis in the body, but it took heartbreak for my son to get me to the point of learning more and diving in.

It took 4 days and just 5 drops under his tongue per day for him to tell me how much better he felt. I could see it too. He stood still to tell me how great this CBD was for him. Standing still. It’s amazing what we can take for granted that can be near impossible for someone else.

I decided to try it with them and at the time I am writing this, I have slept well for 10 nights straight after not sleeping well for about 6 months. Again, simply using 5 drops under my tongue.

I decided to share on my personal Facebook and so far 35 people have asked to learn more and try CBD. (Must be a special number for me because that was the same number of people who responded the first time I posted about essential oils. People want to be truly well. Apparently exactly 35 people! 🙂 )

We tried two brands and ultimately we went with Nature’s Ultra for these key reasons:

1. They post their batch testing directly to the website. Because mold and other pollutants can be easily absorbed by the hemp plant, testing for purity is very important. I like knowing that the company I’m buying from is open and honest about their testing with their customers. In fact, they do SEVENTEEN different tests on their CBD.

2. They offer an isolate (THC FREE) that can help meet the needs of all types of people. (Especially those who are tested for THC for work-related purposes)

3. Nature’s Ultra is an American grown and harvested company. We can know exactly where the oil is sourced from. Supporting this company brings a positive economy for the country where I am raising my family.


Ways CBD supports the body: 

How long will a bottle of Nature’s Ultra CBD last me?

There are approximately 1000 drops in each bottle.

Using 5 drops a day – 200 days.
Using 10 drops a day – 100 days.
Using 20 drops a day – 50 days.

How do I use sublingual CBD? 

So, how can you get your CBD? Simply click HERE

Nature’s Ultra also meets all of the Seed To Seal standards of their parent company, Young Living.

You can find more on Instagram @CBD_Oil_Co and those who order through our link will be added to our private community on Facebook.