Are you getting it all?

CBD is everywhere these days, am I right?

I have even seen some at the gas station.

And for as many brands as there are available, there are as many delivery methods. Gummies, sprays, capsules, vape pens. The list goes on.

So how do you know which method is for you?

Most of the methods above leave a lot to be desired. Most if not all of the CBD therein is lost in digestion and sent out as waste. Expensive waste.

I personally don’t want to wast even a single drop of my CBD so I took to the old research its method. That’s code for telling my major researcher husband to figure it out. He will read all of the data, watch all of the videos, do all of the things. I love that about him, don’t you?

As it turns out, what I already knew from five years learning all about natural wellness for our daughter recovering from autoimmune symptoms, was true with CBD as well.

To get the most bang for our buck, we need to bypass digestion. That means sublingual delivery. As simple as drops under the tongue. In this method, fat-soluble CBD is carried in healthy fatty oils into the body and into the bloodstream. This means the CBD has a better chance of getting to more places quicker.

But, let’s say you’re someone who just can’t get that oil under your tongue. Your next option for ingestion is in a capsule. That certainly isn’t going to bypass digestion, so you’ll want some healthy fats to help the CBD make its way.

Here’s a quick reference with tips:


If there was ever a don’t, mine would be this: Soy. Soy is a fatty vegetable oil for sure, but it’s also a hormone disruptor. It is often full of heavy metals, molds, and pesticides. These are things you do not at all want to go directly into your bloodstream.

Find a good organic, non-GMO, 3rd party tested CBD. One where the company posts its batch test results directly to its website.

The CBD Oil tincture my family uses is carried in MCT oil which has numerous benefits itself from weight management to mental clarity and focus. It is also infused with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils which are terpenoids that lend their abilities to the effectiveness of what the body can do with the cannabinoids in our CBD tincture.

Happy healthing!


Today we’re welcoming my husband to the blog because he’s a relentless warrior hero of a dad who will always do what it takes.

He’ll be the one making homemade creams and sitting with her every night listening to sweet jams while she soaks in her special bath.

He’ll be the one doing everything he can to figure it out.

He’s just that kind of a daddy.



If we’re going to be friends, I have to tell you about my lemons.

I didn’t wake up one day and think “I want to get into the CBD business.”

I woke up one day with too many lemons and I needed to figure out how to use them.

You see, my now four year old was born early with an unknown genetic abnormality.

Here is my wife and I moments after she was born.


And as a result of that abnormality, the drugs administered to her tiny newborn body riddled her with trouble.

And it hurt her.
And it hurt me.
And it hurt my wife.
And our other 4 children.

And I woke up one day wanting to take my lemons and use them to make something sweet. – To make her attack become someone else’s rescue.


I woke up to a desire to share what is helping her because I’ve been there..

I’ve been in my bed late into the night searching the farthest reaches of the internet for others like her. For hope. For help. For lemonade.

Something sweet to soothe the hardness of our circumstance.

And if just one person gets to experience freedom because we spoke up, it’s all worth it.

What if the hardest thing you’ve walked becomes the biggest purpose of your life?


What if my quest to find my daughter some healing leaves an open, bright, wide path. And what if I get to double back and help you navigate?

So, I guess all I’m asking now is… can I help you with your lemons?

Can I help you try CBD and regain quality of life for you or your child or parent or friend or pet?