Happy Sleep Routine

I don’t know where you fall in the gauntlet of the “my kids are young enough for a bedtime” years, but we are still somewhere smack in the middle.

We have five kids spanning 8 years between them. Sleep routines are a must around here.

And that starts with what we do to signal that it’s time to start pressing into the unwind.

Here’s what that looks like for all of our kids:

1. After dinner, three of them enjoy their Kidscents Unwind supplement. (All natural – hormone free- powder supplement that tastes like a watermelon pixie stick. It’s full of good ingredients that promote the production of a child’s natural sleep hormones.) –

( Synthetic hormones and even natural melatonin can disrupt the body’s natural production. It can become addicting and eventually not enough. We try to avoid that at all costs with ourselves and our children.)

2. Everyone heads to brush teeth and turn down the lights in the house. We all have low light lamps by our beds, so all overhead lighting goes off and lamps come on. This is the beginning of letting our bodies know through our eyes that the day is almost done.

3. Everyone starts their diffuser, climbs into bed, and picks up a book. This is a simple way to let the mind ease into rest without the overstimulation of an electronic or the damaging effects of the blue light from screens that stops melatonin production.

This sweet girl LOVED her time reading in the rocker.

4. Time with Mom and Dad. We try to be intentional about their first and last moments each day. Getting to bed at a decent hour so that there are a few hours of “before midnight” sleep, gives my children the opportunity to wake up tomorrow ready for the day. A few moments of reading together, praying, or simply listening to their thoughts will help them process and exhale everything swirling around in their minds.

Tip: On the nights that our routine includes a bath, we like to add epsom salts infused with Kidscent’s Sleepyize essential oil blend.

Always add oil to epsom salt, allow it to sit for a few minutes, and then salt to water. A way we love to do this is to prepare a cute jar in advance and then just add a little to each bath. (maybe 1 cup per bath)

So the only question is…. are you ready to transform bedtime?

Grab your Kidscents Unwind HERE.

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