Summer Mermaid Hair Tip

So, maybe you got a corona cut.
Maybe your hair has lost it’s luster since this whole “stay inside. eat all the junk” phase started.
Maybe, you’ve faced some crazy challenges that have had a less than full, stunning, mermaid locks of hair.
For me, it’s stress that doesn’t do my hair any favors, but throw in the corona cut my husband gave me and here we are.

And between all of the fake hair from “real hair headbands” to hand tied extensions that cost as much as a car payment to maintain, along with all of the green washed shampoos that will somehow magically grow my hair that is a direct result of my internal health, I decided I’d better tell you about a little YL gem that’s more of like a diamond just waiting to be discovered by YOU!

It’s a simple cocktail. (Okay it’s a mocktail, but it’s delicious, trust me.)

First, let me tell you WHY this works.

The main ingredients in this are Ningxia wolfberries and MSM. The Ningxia Wolfberry is 30X the antioxidant power of a blueberry. Poor hair health can be directly linked to stress, inflammation, and poor nutrition. The wolfberry and the MSM are both naturally sourced ingredients that help the body dramatically reduce inflammation. MSM is also helps the body increase glutathione and increases keratin!
(It’s these same things that also make this mocktail perfecto for those with uncomfortable joints.)

So, here is what you’ll need.

The Zing is optional. If you love a good, natural energy drink, Zing is your answer! (When mixed with Ningxia Red, it’s called a “Zing Bomb”)

If you prefer zero caffeine, go for a Bubly or simple carbonated water.

Try this for 30 days and tell me your results!

I’ll be showing ours too since all 3 of my girls cut their hair off as well.

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If you go this route, you’ll also be jumping in to our YL fam, Blissfully Oily (Instagram, FB) where we don’t leave you with just one tip. We walk through it all with you as you make clean, simple, choices for yourself and your family.

And, since you’re here for good hair tips, here’s a bonus DIY!

Don’t forget to come back and tell me all about your hair success!

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