Father’s Day Gift Guide

If you’re looking for a gift like he’s never had, look no further!

I recently heard Dave Ramsey talk about how he’s driven by helping people be constantly moving toward better versions of themselves. A forward momentum.

Isn’t that such a “Dad” thing. Dad’s are always encouraging us and giving us room to become better.

So what if this year, you gave your Father that same gift? The gift of moving in the direction of better.

Hear me out.

A few years ago (six years actually) I started doing something my husband thought was… well… he loves me and was super quiet about it but might have thought I had lost my mind.

But when he saw that he could sleep all night without a burning boiling acid throat, breathe better when running or crossfitting, and smell good without using things that would give him hormonal issues no guy wants, he was all in. An oil for his tired muscles? YES! One for his head? YEP!

It was the simplicity of it all that actually got him. Same with my dad. Carry around a bottle of Peppermint and Thieves. All is right in the world. They have something that does something right in their pockets. And we all know guys like practical and effective.

If there is a Dad or Father figure in your life, try one of these awesome gifts.

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Happy Father’s Day to the guy in your life that cares so well for you.

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