Today we’re welcoming my husband to the blog because he’s a relentless warrior hero of a dad who will always do what it takes.

He’ll be the one making homemade creams and sitting with her every night listening to sweet jams while she soaks in her special bath.

He’ll be the one doing everything he can to figure it out.

He’s just that kind of a daddy.



If we’re going to be friends, I have to tell you about my lemons.

I didn’t wake up one day and think “I want to get into the CBD business.”

I woke up one day with too many lemons and I needed to figure out how to use them.

You see, my now four year old was born early with an unknown genetic abnormality.

Here is my wife and I moments after she was born.


And as a result of that abnormality, the drugs administered to her tiny newborn body riddled her with trouble.

And it hurt her.
And it hurt me.
And it hurt my wife.
And our other 4 children.

And I woke up one day wanting to take my lemons and use them to make something sweet. – To make her attack become someone else’s rescue.


I woke up to a desire to share what is helping her because I’ve been there..

I’ve been in my bed late into the night searching the farthest reaches of the internet for others like her. For hope. For help. For lemonade.

Something sweet to soothe the hardness of our circumstance.

And if just one person gets to experience freedom because we spoke up, it’s all worth it.

What if the hardest thing you’ve walked becomes the biggest purpose of your life?


What if my quest to find my daughter some healing leaves an open, bright, wide path. And what if I get to double back and help you navigate?

So, I guess all I’m asking now is… can I help you with your lemons?

Can I help you try CBD and regain quality of life for you or your child or parent or friend or pet?

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