17 things to know before choosing CBD

17 things to consider when purchasing a CBD product.


I bet you’ve found yourself trying to compare companies and don’t know what to look for. After all, CBD feels so new on the scene and the learning curve seems tight.

I’m here to share 17 things you’ll want to know before you buy. And even if you don’t buy the brand we use, you can still feel confident if you can check off these items.

The first thing I want to know when looking at brands is if they have a COA!  (Certificate of Analysis)!

Here is the purity and quality information for the CBD we use: Nature’s Ultra CBD

This is very important to look into when deciding which CBD to use! This will uncover a few important details.

Now on to the check list:

1. Do they offer pure, effective products without unnecessary fillers? 

🌱 We offer a 100% THC FREE in MCT oil infused with Young Living essential oils for a terpenoid entourage effect that works.

2. Are there any heavy metals (Lead, Cardmium, Arsenic, Mercury)?

🌱 There shouldn’t be any at all! We operate within Young Living’s “Seed To Seal Guarantee” 

3. Is there any bile, yeast, bacteria, or mold?

🌱 That should be a hard no!

Why would these things be present? Hemp is a sponge in the soil much like the soy plant. It soaks up everything including the bad stuff.

4. How is it extracted? Co2 or ethanol? 
Chemicals or solvents (acetone, butanol)?

🌱 Chemical solvent free extraction is best. Nature’s Ultra uses proprietary chemical free methods to ensure quality, pure CBD always.

5. What do they suspend the CBD in? (ex. Coconut oil, vitamin e oil, hemp seed oil, etc?) Also known as a carrier oil.

🌱 Nature’s Ultra is carried in MCT oil. Beneficial for the brain, digestive system, and whole body.

6. How many ingredients?

🌱 Nature’s Ultra has only 4.  CBD, MCT carrier, Essential oil, and Stevia extract. Our flavors are pure therapeutic grade essential oils chosen for their terpenes that work in an entourage effect with the CBD to produce even greater benefits.pf-110faae3-69a5-4a2e-99cb-f267ec72f288--CBDOilsLabelGuideGraphic

7. How much is in each bottle? 15ml or 30ml?

🌱 Nature’s Ultra is 30ml with roughly 1000 drops per bottle – That’s an average of 7 weeks of CBD or more per user depending on serving size.

8. Where is it grown:

🌱 Nature’s Ultra is grown in the United States in the high altitudes of Colorado.

9. What’s the strength?

🌱 Nature’s Ultra offers 500mg & 750mg as well as a “calm” roll on and a “muscle rub” jar.

10. What’s the price?

🌱 500mg is $99.95 ($89.95 for Young Living members) $10 savings!
🌱 1000mg is $189.95 ($169.95 for Young Living members) $20 savings!

Nature’s Ultra is also always free shipping.


11. Is it Organic?

🌱 Hemp is a naturally pest & weed resistant plant but our farms have NEVER used pesticides on the land we chose to grow on so its 100% organic.

12. Is it Non GMO?

🌱 We use wild-crafted heirloom, non-gmo seed.

🌱 If your farm is not 100% FDA compliant your CBD may not be legal to possess in most states.

🌱 Our farm is 100% federally compliant so all of our hemp & hemp derived products are 100% federally legal in all 50 states.

13. Is it Imported?

🌱 Imported CBD doesn’t have to go through the same stringent testing as US grown & processed CBD oil.

14. Processed in an FDA certified lab?

🌱 Ours is processed on site at our FDA compliant farm lab.

15. Do they claim their full spectrum product is THC-free?

🌱 Because that’s a lie & could cost you your job if you’re randomly drug tested. You can’t have both THC-free & full spectrum but because the levels of THC are so low (trace amounts) the government doesn’t require they label the product as actually containing THC. But even trace amounts could show up on a drug test. If you want THC-free you need a CBD Isolate, not a full-spectrum oil.

🌱 We have a THC-Free CBD Isolate available for those who have random drug tests.

16. Is their CBD full of “flavor” or pure, therapeutic, terpenoid rich Essential Oils?

🌱Our CBD is infused with Young Living’s Seed To Seal backed Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. They are terpenoid rich creating a beautiful entourage effect with the CBD.

17. How many tests?

🌱 Many companies offer only a COA. Some even post mold, metals, and pesticide testing, but look carefully at the letters beside those line items. N/A means they did not test for those things. ND means none detected. Nature’s Ultra provides over 17 different tests to ensure purity and quality,

f you have no idea about any of these things, let’s talk! If you’re currently using a CBD oil you’re not sure about post a pic of the ingredients label & I can help you decipher it.

I have compared more than 20 brands & have never found anything remotely close to ours in the same price range.

The CBD oil that we use is compliant on all levels, and it is supremely extracted, no fillers or additives, no harsh chemicals, only 2 ingredients so it’s potent, it’s powerful and it’s helping me 10 fold!I hope this list is useful to you and helps you decide on quality CBD that will yield lasting benefits to your health and well being.

If you’re interested in learning more about Nature’s Ultra, click HERE

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