Hacks That Work : Thieves Dish Soap

How many times Pinterest pins do you have for a “hack”? You know, a way to make a product work in a different way, last longer, save you money?

I’m guilty.

But as I was lost in the scroll a yesterday, I saw a “hack” using a very toxic product as bug repellent for children. This product is full of synthetic chemicals, synthetic dyes, and fake fragrance. Knowing what I know about how bad those things are for my kids (because a mother with a child like mine learns to read labels pretty quickly), and knowing that I am the gatekeeper of my home, I want to share hacks here that actually work for you, your kids, their bodies, and your budget.

Believe me when I tell you that you are worth it! Learning a new thing! Your kids are worth it. Their overall success in their personal health WILL be based on what YOU do as their parent. They will buy the brands you buy. They will take care of themselves the way that you take care of them.

No pressure. Am I right?

Now, none of this is to “mom shame”. I used to buy the household items for .23 cents with 3 coupons double stacked.  I quit working when I was 5 months pregnant with our first child 11 years ago. I understand making it all work in the parameters of the pay check.

And, I’ve also been standing there in the grocery store looking at 5 different “clean” brands that wanted to charge me an arm and a leg and my wedding rings only to find out that their ingredients weren’t much different than the big toxic brands.

Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to a product from Young Living’s Thieves line. Thieves Dish Soap is a plant based, essential oil infused, liquid dish soap. It is highly concentrated, effective, and safe for our homes. Yours and mine, friend.

In this vlog, I’m going to show you how to hack this product to:
– make it last 3 times as long,
– make it bubble so that you get all of the clean kitchen sink visuals
(because plant based products are so awesome they can clean without bubbles! Bubbles in typical products are from a synthetic agent in order to present that look of “clean” we are taught to want on every Ad for cleaning since the history of ever!)
-and make a truly wonderful product work for your budget.

What do you think? Simple enough? Budget friendly for a product that actually benefits your health while you use it?

Wanting to get your hands on this as fast as possible? I can help you with that: HERE and as an added bonus, when you grab you thieves products, you’ll also have access to a wonderful community of people just like you who are working on their wellness one cabinet of chemicals at a time!

4 thoughts on “Hacks That Work : Thieves Dish Soap

  1. Hey Courtney, I saw this same recipe on another link and I made it last month. I have a few issues that I’m wondering if you’ve run into and what you do about them. So when I made this dish soap recipe I do love the bubbles, however, they don’t last long and I have to keep pump pumping to make more bubbles. My second issue is it doesn’t cut grease. Hate to say it but I actually went and bought a bottle of the blue stuff because my husband won’t use this. He said it doesn’t get our dishes clean. What do you do about this. Hate to admit it but he’s right. I love making homemade DIYs but Im not happy with this particular product and am hoping maybe you can help to keep the bubbles and help to cut grease better. Don’t want to resort to the blue stuff.

    1. There are a few options for grease. One is adding a few drops of lemon EO to soaking water for greasy pans.

    2. I like to add a few drops of Lemon EO to mine and I also let grease pans soak for a few in the soapy water before scrubbing. I haven’t had that issue so far.
      Hope adding lemon helps.

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