DIY Essential Oil Infused Dry Shampoo

I was working in a high-end spa the year that a popular hair product company introduced us to “hair powder” in a can.

It was so crazy. The concept of not washing every day.

But cut to 13 years later, and the ingredients of those cans aren’t going on my head or in the air (and all over every surface) in my home. Plus $$$.

So we did a thing.

Here is my recipe for a great DIY dry shampoo/hair powder. I tend to have oily hair and will normally wash every day.

I’m able to go 3 days with this little jar of awesome with my health intact.



DIY Essential Oil Infused Dry Shampoo


2 T arrowroot powder

1 T cocoa powder (dark hair only)

3-5 drops Essential Oils

Mix in a jar. Apply with a foundation brush.

Mattify and style as usual!

Here is a “day 3” before and after

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