DIY – Essential Oil Roller Blend : Tummy

We started using essential oils as a part of our daily lifestyle in 2013 and by the spring of 2014, we had discovered this wonderful blend for our tummies.

Our kids affectionately call it “Tummy Trouble“, but we use this blend proactively too.

We started using it heavily diluted on our then 6m old baby’s feet and tummy before her meals. Easing into solids wasn’t going as easily as we’d hoped.

Before long, I was using this roll-on too and now we all do. It’s an easy blend to make and goes with us in my bag, diaper bag, on our bathroom counter, etc.

+ Glass roll-on bottle with a stainless ball(Can be found on Amazon)
+ Carrier oil (Any vegetable oil with a fat content. We choose to stay away from canola and try to use organic, non-GMO products. Young Living has a great Veg. Oil Complex called V6)
+ Peppermint Essential Oil
+Digize Essential Oil Blend

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