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One thing I’ve learned about life as a mother is the preemptive strike.

We no longer live in a world where we can maintain health simply by doing nothing. We are surrounded by environmental pollutants and offered little more than “food-like product” in the aisles upon aisles of the boxed and bagged at our local grocery stores. So, when we began to learn about essential oils, the tip I kept coming across was “early and often“.
Rather than have a reactive mindset, I needed to have a proactive, simple, approach to wellness for my family.  Enter “Roller Blends”

Roller blends make it easy for me to hand-select the support each of us needs and utilize them in our daily lifestyle.
The blend I’m sharing with you today is one that we love to use daily. It’s great to keep in my purse and it’s so easy, my kids can apply it on their own. We usually choose behind the ears, back of the neck, and up the spine. This puts the oils right at the center of our central nervous system. 


Thieves BlendHello amazing smell + Immune Support (Did you know that you can google Thieves experiments and find all kinds of great info – some even done by people just like us – to support the use of Thieves in your home and on your body?)

LavenderWhen in doubt, put lavender on it. Look up all of the properties of Lavender Essential Oil. It is truly the “Army Knife of Oils”

Frankincense – You’ll find that “Frank“, as I affectionately refer to it, is in so many of my blends. This essential oil is ancient and supports our body at the cellular level. Since we know that our cells are the building blocks for our health, supporting them + their production is a no brainer.

DigizeDid you know that 70% of the immune system lives in the gut and moreover 80% of plasma cells? Taking care of our gut is something we’ve learned to do regularly and not just when there is trouble. Digize is a great blend designed to support the digestive system and gut. I’ve even found that diffusing at night has greatly impacted our bodies for the better.

Carrier OilEssential Oils are fat-soluble which means that when we apply them to our skin, they begin to look for fat. Some oils, such as cinnamon, mint oils, and seasoning oils can be “hot”.  Think about that funny, albeit terrible, cinnamon test we see videos of. People trying to put a whole spoon of only cinnamon in their mouths.

Essential Oils can be up to 10,000 times more concentrated than their herbal and whole-food counterparts. Additionally, some oils are lower viscosity than others making it easy for them to pass through the skin quickly. Carrier oils do not reduce the effectiveness of essential oils. They serve as a binder. The oils bind the fats in the vegetable oil ( coconut oil, olive oil, etc.) and enter our body slower, thus alleviating the sensation of “hot” oils.
It is also for this reason that if anyone should get essential oils into their eyes or use an oil that feels too “hot”, simply applying a carrier oil directly over the EO, will instantly relieve that sensation.

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Life is better together.

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