Valentine’s Day Flip

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

Having five children in ten years will definitely change a person’s perspective on a lot of things. Even on things they’ve always know, like holidays.


For us, holidays have needed a facelift for a while. We had fallen right in line with the candy + toys, but in 2014, we had the first Valentine’s Day where we absolutely couldn’t buy candy. We had a very new baby who was allergic to peanut (which is in every.single.thing.) No big deal, we thought, we will buy toys.

4 million stuffed animals and 4 years later…..
We are changing the story.

We were so tired of seeing our kids cry at the end of the day with so much to pick up. It seems like each day starts with clean spaces, but chaos quickly enters and before they know it, every belonging they have is on the floor. And it doesn’t help having a baby sister who has zero respect for personal property at the moment.

As we were cleaning, I began to ask my kids if they loved their things or if they might be causing more stress than joy. The answer was clear. We have too much stuff.

We decided to be minimal with things and max out on the love. We chose to serve them. To make them the guests of honor at their own table.


We want to focus on experiences with our kids. Memories are something that can’t be taken from them. They won’t have to donate them or throw them away, or remember to pack them.

So, this year we set up a cute family breakfast with decorations and lots of love.
Also, we included one of my mother’s famous themed boxes that my kids just LOVE. Each box usually includes an activity they can all do such as an art project to decorate etc., cards for each of them reminding them that they are very loved, and sometimes a book or a movie. Each box brings them together for fun and creativity.


We’d love to know your holiday hacks and tips for making the most out of them without spending the most.

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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Flip

  1. I absolutely love love love this idea! Creating memories instead of “more stuff.” With two young babies we haven’t actually started any Valentine’s Day traditions, so this is super inspirational on how we want to celebrate going forward!
    We love to do crafts too! That’s one thing we stated this year! Putting Valentine’s Day crafts together and then handing them out to people we love like our doorman!

    1. Yes!!!! For a few years, my oldest had kept a bag of stickers with him at Christmas and gives one to anyone he feels like while we grocery shop etc. to be sure everyone is valued and heard merry Christmas. 💙 his idea. I can’t take credit.

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