DIY – Deodorant (Aluminum and toxin free)


It is estimated that the average person applies over 500 chemicals to their skin a day. What is even more important to recognize is that our skin is the largest organ we have and an estimated 60-70% of what goes into it, makes it way into our bloodstream through absorption.

When we began to research natural personal care for ourselves, we quickly realized that applying toxic chemicals, perfumes, and aluminum into our armpits wasn’t going to work.

With a combined total of over 40 lymph nodes in our underarms alone, it is very important to be using materials that support healthy lymph flow, do not depress the immune or endocrine system (hello hormones), and actually help our body to reduce our chances of cancers rather than increasing them. Additionally, we went with a baking soda free recipe for those with sensitive skin, as baking soda can raise the ph of the skin creating a rash or a detox effect.

We’ve been using our DIY deodorant for over 3 years and we aren’t going back to the old stuff. This paste works great. My husband even uses it when he heads to Crossfit.

Check out how simple this recipe is:
(Aluminum, Perfume, Baking Soda free – for sensitive skin)

+ 3/4 C – Arrowroot Powder 
+ 1/4 C- Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 
+ 8 Tbs – Melted Coconut Oil 
+ 10 Drops each – Essential Oils of your choice 
(Brad uses Tea Tree and Frankincense)
+ Mix dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately 
+ Add together
+ Pour into a jar 
(can pop into the fridge to speed the solidifying process)

To find out more about Essential Oils,
visit the “Join My Wellness Community” page.

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